A Reputation of Service & Trust

Since 1986, Jet USA Corporation has been serving the needs of the printing industry with the highest quality photopolymer materials and extensive technical support. Jet USA Corporation has teamed up with Jet Europe/Interflex BV, Jet China and Jet Company Ltd. of Japan to become one of the world’s foremost leading suppliers of water washable photopolymer plates manufactured OEM by Eastman Kodak Company. Jet USA Corporation introduced the first sheet photopolymer made exclusively to assist the Architectural Sign Industry produce high quality ADA Compliant Braille Signage. Our aggressive approach to research, evaluation and product development has led to our emergence as an industry leader in sheet photopolymer technology.

Focus on our Customers

Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations. By delivering stellar service the first time, and every time, costs go down and efficiency goes up. It simply costs less to “Do it right once the first time” than to correct a problem or defect later. We are proud of our ability to serve our customers in a timely, supportive manner and to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. We develop long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity because we ensure the best use of our resources by making the best use of our greatest asset … our employees.



Our reputation for technical service and support is unmatched in the graphic supply industry. The complete dedication of Jet USA to our exclusive product lines and services give us profound focus. We continually educate our customers in photopolymer processing techniques and explore diverse ways to streamline the plate manufacturing process. We take great delight in responding promptly and accurately to your technical concerns.

Please contact Leo Estes for a consultation: info@jetusa.com or 610.461.5861.

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